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Kids snap taken with Canon EOS 60D / EF50mm f/1.8 II

Canon EOS 70D

Canon introduces EOS 70D DSLR

The EOS 70D is a mid-range SLR for enthusiast photographers that from the outside looks like a sensible, indeed desirable upgrade to the EOS 60D.

Canon EOS 7D

Canon has announced a firmware v2 update on 28th June 2012 for EOS 7D. Canon making a major update for a camera that has been on the market for almost three years. The update will also … → 30 Jun ’12

EOS 650D

Canon EOS 650D

Canon has launched the 650D/T4i, a beginner level DSLR, which is the first camera of its kind to feature a touchscreen LCD. …

Canon EOS 60D without lens

Canon EOS 60D

The Canon EOS 60D is a digital single-lens reflex camera from Canon. It is part of the Canon EOS line of cameras …